In addition to private clients' projects, we here at Vassar AI contribute to the free software and open research communities. Below we list some of our current public projects.


Our proctology project is a research endeavor to coin and solve a new problem. We are looking at Reddit's AITA (Am I the Asshole) subreddit, wherein users share their stories to poll the community for one, specific question: "Am I the Asshole" in this scenario?

With this project, Vassar AI will establish a new state of the art problem: analyzing the content of AITA posts to determine how your average human would judge it. Valid answers include:

  1. Yes you are.
  2. No, they are.
  3. Everyone sucks in this situation ...
  4. No assholes here!
  5. and (of course), not enough info

This project is ongoing. More information will become available as it progresses!

The Spelling Bean

The Spelling Bean is an AI-curated game meant to help increase your vocabulary. We currently offer 4 languages. Please feel free to give it a try at

Check back daily for newly AI-curated puzzles!